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Bassglow Presentation BoardPRODUCTION PARTNER WANTED!!
(i.e. This design is currently not under production. I am sorry for those interested in distributing the item but thank you for your interest!)

Having received some responses on this design, I thought I’d better put some more information on it. I will further add better images and information later on.

Bassglow was designed as one of my university projects in my first year.

The main rendering in the image is a propsed final design.

Circuit diagram (without EL inverter)Image on the right was the circuit diagram at the time. Since I used a ready-made inverter circuit to drive the EL sheet, this diagram is incomplete and also I’d say the battery consumption is much higher than it should be.

EL sheet
This is the EL sample kit I used for my working prototype.

As seen in the comments, an AVI video file is available without sound (as I used my webcam to record it). If you are interested, you can download it from the address below.