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Blu: A CSS Style for Sage

Screen ShotI’ve created a CSS file (for my own purpose really) to be used in the well known Firefox extension, Sage, the RSS/Atom feed reader. Right click here and save the file to your computer, then specify it in the Sage option menu to use it.

Nothing really huge about this style, but the main focus is on the readability of the feeds at a glance and the tidy layout of them with images. Since I tend to retrieve feeds with HTML tags allowed to look at any graphics available, and some websites give feeds containing huge images which don’t appear too well on the default style, I made it so that the texts and images are as nicely layed out as possible.

Colours and layout; I kept everything quite simple for immediate readability. With regard to the column display of each feed item, personally headlines tend to appear less clear when items are layed out in columns of boxes so this style shows the item just in order.

You can see how it looks like in the screen capture above.