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Haptic Stamp

Haptic Stamp
Easily customiseable stamp which does not use ink. Designed with [Yu Sakaguchi](http://yousakana.com) for the 9th Shachihata New Product Design competition.

The stamp creates a mark on paper by embossing it against a cushion material behind the attached cap.

Using the stamp
Exploded view
General dimension

  1. Create your original pattern by simply pushing in/out each pixel like on mechanical ball-point pens.
  2. Take of the cap and place it under the sheet you want to emboss and align the stamp to the cap until magnets click and the sheet is sandwitched between the stamp and the cap.
  3. Press the stamp firmly on to the sheet and you can get your pattern embossed on the sheet!

Haptic Stamp offers:

  • Customiseable pattern
  • Communication through tactility
  • Bridge between visually impaired and those without sight problem
  • Saves using ink

Haptic Stamp

Initial Concept Sketches

Initial Concept Sketches