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Modular Chair Design

Modular Chair Design Img.1

Deviding a seating vertically as well as horizontally, from a single part, this highly extensible modular chair allows you to configure a chair in various ways to suit different needs. (Perhaps in private and/or semi-public spaces.)
Awarded a second place in International Photoreal Furniture Competition 2005.

The chair consists from a single injection-moulded polymer part with snap-on points allocated in the way so that parts can be attached to each other in any way.

The imgae below is an example of the chair being configured in bench like shape with seating area on both front and back.

Modular Chair Design Img.2

Sequential images

Here are some concept renderings and development sketches.

Initial Concepts renderings

Development Sketches

*Known issues: Ergonomics is one obvious point that needs some working on, and the durability of the chair is not convincing. [Fromone II](http://taqumidesign.jp/archives/fromone2.html) is a version where I tried to address these issues.