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design portfolio of Takumi Yoshida

News (1/1): A very happy new year to you all. | Added my lifestreams page.

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You may wish to spy on my activities elsewhere on the internet… : )

– [twitter](http://twitter.com/taqumi/) : What am I doing?
– [del.icio.us](http://del.icio.us/taqumi/) (yes I still prefer this geeky url. it totally rocks…) : What have I been browsing?
– [Last.fm](http://www.last.fm/user/taqumi/) : What do I listen to?
– (http://flickr.com/photos/taqumi/) : What have I been seeing?
– [tumblr](http://taqumi.tumblr.com/) : What have I been… well, tumbling?
– [8tracks](http://8tracks.com/taqumi/) : What do I want you to listen to?
– [DOPPLR](http://www.dopplr.com/traveller/taqumi) : Where am I going?