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Curriculum Vitae

Photo of meLast revised: 25 June 2009.

Please contact the desginer from [this page](http://taqumidesign.jp/contact/).
Or you can check his other activities from [this page](http://taqumidesign.jp/lifestreams/).

Design interests and motivations

I am strongly interested in; anthropological, social, emotional, ethnographic elements in design (=broader sense of interactions); ever growing fusion of software and hardware; design as a communication medium and lifestyle proposition.

Been through different international environments, I am eager to apply my knowledge and skills in industrial design into different and broader contexts of people’s life.

Some inspirations/admiration:

All design on the website are so far concept design with or without prototypes therefore not available for purchase. However I am always on the look for any manufacturing opportunities, so please get in touch with me through the [contact page](http://taqumidesign.jp/contact/) if you are interested in my design. Thank you.

Personal Details

  • Name: TAKUMI YOSHIDA (Sorry for any confusion, but “taqumi” with a “Q” is just my internet/design name as ‘Takumi’ is a quite common name.)
  • Sex: MALE
  • Age: 24
  • Nationality: JAPANESE
  • Contact: click here
  • Blog: taqumi blog
  • Downloadable portfolio in PDF (old one): pdf.gif Portfolio 2006 (3.2MB)
    2009 version on the way.

Professional Experiences

  • Oct 2008 – present: Joined Experientia in Turin, Italy as an industrial/interaction designer. Working on ranges of projects including visonary UI, interaction, industrial and web together with other design researchers/ethnographers
  • Aug 2006 – Jul 2007: Worked as a design engineer/assistant at NOKIA R&D UK as my industrial placement serving a team of mechanical architecture engineers and collaborating with inhouse designers. (1year payed internship)


Volunteer Work and other Responsible Roles prior to higher education

  • January 2006: As a team of four, designed a new tabletop advertisement fixing solution for Zest Promotions in less than two weeks.
  • Oct 2005 – Nov 2005: Re-designed a website for a sport supplement supplying venture, BUSN
  • May 2005 – Oct 2005: Designed and launched a website for a street basketball apparel venture, Crossover.Inc
  • Jul 2004 – Aug 2004: Participated in CHINA project as a volunteer staff and taught English at local Chinese schools for one month
  • Oct 2003 – Feb 2004: Produced a A4 product catalogue of over 40 products (80 pages) for Noritake (UK) Ltd
  • Sep 2002 – May 2003:
    • Worked as a cheif editor of the yearbook for the UWC of the Atlantic
    • produced clothing with an original college logo for the UWC of the Atlantic and raised over £600 for the student bursary fund

IT/CAD/CAMM/Web Skills

– Competent in: Microsoft Office Package, Pro/Engineer, 3D Studio Max, Alias ImageStudio, Maxwell Render, Photoshop Ver.7-CS3, Illustrator CS1-CS3, Flash (Including ActionScript2, 3), Quark Express4, HTML and CSS coding
– Able to use: Dreamweaver, InDesign, CATIA V5
– Have basic skills and knowledge in PHP coding and MySQL database
– Literate in both MAC and WIINDOWS. (Main use = Mac)
– Fluent in English and Japanese; beginners level Mandarin and Italian

Workshop & Prototyping Skills

– Basic interactive prototyping with electronics, including use of Arduino with various I/O components and computers.
– Competent in working with basic materials (woods, metal, sheet metal, polymer, blue foam) for small to large scale model making
– Basic machining including milling, lathing, grinding, tapping, basic CNC coding etc.

Awards and Prizes

– June 2008: [[SÉNS]](http://taqumidesign.jp/archives/sens.html) mobile phone design was awarded a third prize in Design and Technology Enterprise Award 2008 from Loughborough University Enterprise Office
– May 2008: [eco-boutique packaging design](http://taqumidesign.jp/archives/eco-boutique.html) was awarded a prize as a winning design amongst other proposed designs from [Pacific Direct](http://www.pacificdirect.co.uk)
– October 2007: [“butterfly”](http://taqumidesign.jp/archives/butterfly.html) sunglasses were selected as one of the winning pieces of OPUS DESIGN AWARD 2007
– February 2006: Modular Chair design was awarded second place in International Photoreal Furniture Competition 2005
– October 2005: Design “clip” was selected as one of the winning pieces of OPUS DESIGN AWARD 2005
– August 2004: Design “SPOKEN” was selected as one of the winning pieces of OPUS DESIGN AWARD 2004

Personal interests outside Design

  • Learning and enjoying practising Shotokan Karate
  • Often in my free time, I drop in by a music room in my university and play and improvise on mainly blues, jazz tunes on the piano. Being able to do so never was a ‘proper’ learnt skill for me,but instead it is a result of learning from and jamming with my college friends competent in jazz.
  • An occasional midnight stroll

More detailed information or references available upon request.

Please contact the desginer from [this page](http://taqumidesign.jp/contact/).